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# Job title Location Expiry date Employer
1 Purchasing Officer Phnom Penh  2019-11-26... HONG HOUT CO.,...
2 cashier Phnom Penh  2019-11-10... Tinh Tinh
3 Waiter or waitress (ផ្នែករត់តុ) Phnom Penh  2019-11-10... Tinh Tinh
4 Chinese Translator Phnom Penh  2019-11-14... Tinh Tinh
5 Door Lady Phnom Penh  2019-11-28... Tinh Tinh
6 Receptionist Phnom Penh  2019-11-25... Tinh Tinh
7 Admin Deputy Manager Phnom Penh  2019-11-20... AG Education
8 Accounting Officer (A/R) Phnom Penh  2019-11-28... Home Improveme...
9 WEB Developer Phnom Penh  2022-11-02... Mango byte Tec...
10 Senior Communications Officer Phnom Penh  2019-11-05... SOMA Group Co....
11 Accountant Officer Phnom Penh  2019-11-25... SOMA Group Co....
12 Tax Officer (2 persons) Phnom Penh  2019-11-18... SOMA Group Co....
13 Chief Legal Officer Phnom Penh  2019-11-12... SOMA Group Co....
14 Finance Director Phnom Penh  2019-11-18... SOMA Group Co....
15 Chief Human Resources and Admin Officer Phnom Penh  2019-11-11... SOMA Group Co....
16 General Construction Officer Phnom Penh  2019-12-02... olympiacity
17 IT Officer Phnom Penh  2019-11-12... olympiacity
18 Solution Engineer Phnom Penh  2019-11-11... MekongNet ISP
19 Legal Officer Phnom Penh  2019-11-15... MekongNet ISP
20 Technical Support Supervisor Phnom Penh  2019-11-18... MekongNet ISP
21 Admin Assistant Phnom Penh  2019-11-22... MekongNet ISP
22 Account Receivable Officer Phnom Penh  2019-11-26... MekongNet ISP
23 Technical Support Engineer (Chinese Speaking) Phnom Penh  2019-11-30... MekongNet ISP
24 Business Development Executive Phnom Penh  2019-12-30... MekongNet ISP
25 Phone Support Officer Phnom Penh  2019-12-26... MekongNet ISP
26 Senior Electrical Engineer Phnom Penh  2019-12-23... MekongNet ISP
27 Technical Support Engineer Phnom Penh  2019-12-21... MekongNet ISP
28 Chinese Translator Phnom Penh  2019-12-20... MekongNet ISP
29 OSP Engineer (Fiber Optic Cabling) Phnom Penh  2019-12-16... MekongNet ISP
30 Customer Service Officer Phnom Penh  2019-12-13... MekongNet ISP
31 .Net Developer Phnom Penh  2019-12-13... MekongNet ISP
32 Database Developer Phnom Penh  2019-12-10... MekongNet ISP
33 Senior Network Engineer Phnom Penh  2019-12-06... MekongNet ISP
34 Sales Executive VAS Phnom Penh  2019-12-02... MekongNet ISP
35 Sales Manager Phnom Penh  2019-12-13... MekongNet ISP
36 Sales Admin Phnom Penh  2019-12-10... MekongNet ISP
37 Sales Specialist Phnom Penh  2019-12-06... MekongNet ISP
38 Sales Executive (Chinese Speaking) Phnom Penh  2019-12-02... MekongNet ISP
39 ELV Officer Phnom Penh  2019-11-12... olympiacity
40 IT Officer Phnom Penh  2019-11-30... MekongNet ISP
41 Translator English Vs Khmer Phnom Penh  2019-11-29... HONG HOUT CO.,...
42 Marketing Executive Phnom Penh  2019-11-26... Retail
43 Stock officer Phnom Penh  2019-11-22... Retail
44 Accountant Phnom Penh  2019-11-18... Retail
45 Sales Associate / Sales Captain Phnom Penh  2019-11-15... Retail
46 中文老师 (兼职) គ្រូថ្នាក់ក្រៅម៉ោងភាសាចិន​ (80$ - 120$) Phnom Penh  2019-11-14... Handprints Sch...
47 Full Time Teacher of English (200$ - 300$) Phnom Penh  2019-11-19... Handprints Sch...
48 Part-time English Teacher (70$-150$) Phnom Penh  2019-10-23... Handprints Sch...
49 Sales Manager Phnom Penh  2019-11-29... Home Improveme...
50 Teller Phnom Penh  2019-11-26... Cambodia Asia ...
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English Teacher
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Industrial Engineer
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Development Merchandiser
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Mr Jason Hill
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Executive Secretary
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Sales & Marketing Manager
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Clarice Efren
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Operation Manager/General Manager
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dmag052799 dmag052799
Sales Marketing/Education & Financing
048deepak 048deepak
Sales executive
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Al Jan Al Jan
Hospitality Industry
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IT Specialist
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Hospitality Industry
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